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Breast, Bowel and Cervical cancer screening is still going ahead. Please do attend your screening appointment, screening saves many lives every year. Remember screening is for healthy people with no symptoms to catch problems early.

Performance and Feedback

We engage with the Friends & Family Test. If you get a text after your appointment asking for this feedback please do take the time to respond, it helps us find out how we’re doing. To find out more and view FFT performance please click  Friends & Family Test

We appreciate all the feedback from this year’s GP survey. We are looking into how we can maintain the things we’re doing right and change the things we’re not. To see the latest results click GP Survey

QOF is a marker of how we’re doing with chronic diseases. Click QOF to find out our recent results

TO find out more about data and demographics click National General Practice Profiles – OHID (

We had a comprehensive CQC inspection in July 4th, 2018. We are pleased to have been rated GOOD in all areas. There were some points that were raised for us to improve as follows:

The provider should ensure all actions from their fire risk assessment are completed as planned.

Works to complete all the fire risk assessment actions have been booked in and will be completed by the end of October 2018

The provider should continue to improve processes to ensure all safety checks are documented in line with practice policies and procedures.

We developed a more detailed system for logging safety checks on equipment and this is in use now

The provider should ensure all relevant staff are aware of the practice’s policy for patient specific directives, and take action to ensure it is adhered to and operated effectively when a healthcare assistant is employed.

We have amended our policy and met as a practice to ensure all clinical staff are fully aware of the requirements for using patient specific directives with health care assistants. This is mostly put into practice if the HCA is giving flu vaccinations. We believe we have good systems in place to ensure compliance with guidelines

The provider should continue to take action to improve uptake of children’s’ vaccinations.

We are continually trying to improve our recall systems and have already increased the uptake in this area.


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